Last Wednesday I took down my flashes and replaced them with my constant light fluorescent bulbs so I could start recording video for a few episodes of my Photography & Technology Tools series. I was also excited to try out my newly purchased (used) Olympus OM-D E-M5 II for recording videos. I like to use the wi-fi connection between the camera and my iPhone to set up and monitor my video recording sessions, so I put my E-M5 II on the tripod and began the connecting process. However, after several attempts, the connection was being made but not holding, so I gave up and replaced the E-M5 II with my trusty old E-M1. I will be testing the E-M5 II later.

With lights on and white wall flooded. 

With lights on and white wall flooded. 

Even though the connection with the E-M1 cut out occasionally, it worked reliably so I could get on with my recording. This is the first time I have done any video recording with my E-M1 in over nine months, so I had to reteach myself how to position my light stands so the white wall behind me didn’t turn gray and there was enough light on me as the subject. That took some time, so when I finally had it the way I wanted it, I marked the position spots on the floor for light stands and the camera tripod with gaffers tape! Next time it should be quick and easy.

I knocked out four recordings. Four episodes. Which is my plan going forward, that is, to record as many episodes as I can in one or two days then work on producing the final episode video for each so they are ready to upload to YouTube on a weekly schedule. I then reviewed my recordings and was reasonably happy with them. The white background could be whiter, but that wasn't the problem. I found that I was looking down at the notes on my iPad to the point it was quite noticeable and, I think, distracting. I do that with my Video Updates, but it's less obvious and not the same type of show.

So, I'm going to rerecord these episodes. The lesson, I guess, is that I really need to do a practice run before a final recording. Makes sense. Plus, I’m out of practice, as one does actually get a rhythm for making such recordings and I’ve lost that. I did make a DIY teleprompter last year that works well, but I don't really want to create a complete script for these shows, just notes, key points. I am going to put my iPad holder on a light stand, though, so I can get it more to eye level. Then I can glance at the notes, perhaps, without it being so obvious.

All of this has reminded me that making good video recordings that, hopefully, others will want to watch takes time. The recording can't be rushed. The information has to be useful. Does the recording meet the ME criteria, that is, would I watch it? If the answer is "No," then why do it? Well, I want to record videos that I would watch and, hopefully, you will watch!