Instagram is still a solution in search of a purpose for me. Over the past two years, I have simply been posting my daily photos on my Instagram feed, @billbooz. That worked and I’ve gotten lots of nice comments. But since I’m doing a different kind of year-long project this year, I haven’t been posting daily images. I’m looking for a niche, some type of image I like to make that reflects a style that is mine and I’ve not yet found it.

However, I created another Instagram account with the name @boozphotolearning. This one is a bit easier in that I know I want to post images that help viewers with their photography. I have, however, been searching for the best way to do that. Recently, I think I came up with the answer and I am calling it InstaLessons. I will identify typical problems that folks have when shooting pictures. Maybe they're too dark or too light. Perhaps the images show little contrast or have poles sticking out of subjects’ heads. Whatever. There are dozens and dozens of either mistakes people make when making photographs or problems they encounter because they don’t really understand how their camera reacts to light. Some of these are technically mistakes, but many are simply because the photographer is just inexperienced and just wants to get good images easily.

As I identify these mistakes or problems, I will take an image that shows the problem and then take another of the exact same scene at the exact same time that offers a possible way to solve the problem or mistake. I will write up a description of the problem or mistake and also describe how I solved it. I will use the Diptic app that lets me combine multiple images into one. In my case, I combine three images. I have the “before” image on top left and the “solution” image top right. Below them I have a screenshot image of my analysis of the situation and how I solved it.

My hope is to amass a bunch of these InstaLesson images and post a new one, at least, once a week on my @boozphotolearning Instagram account.

So far I am up to InstaLesson #3. If you have ideas or have real world problems you encounter for which you are in search of an answer or solution, please drop me a comment or message and I will create an InstaLesson to address it.