Select a preset tutoring package or customize and build your own package by selecting two-hour session "Blocks" from the list below. Decide how many sessions you want based on exactly what you want to learn about your camera, exposure control, your flash, video, or all four! We will schedule your two-hour sessions so they are convenient for you. We can spread them out over several months or finish them up in just a few weeks. It is entirely up to you! Each "Block" below lasts two full hours. (2018 Brochure

Learn With Me Through one-on-one, hands-on Tutorials:

WHBI-106 Meet Your Camera: In 2 hours you’ll learn the controls on your camera and how to use them. Whether you have a compact camera, digital SLR, or mirrorless camera, I can help you get to know your camera.

WHBI-107 Being Nimble with Your Camera: Learn how to use Aperture-Priority and Shutter-Priority modes. These modes let you be very nimble and quick with your image making. I will also show you how to get total control using the Manual Shooting Mode.

WHBI-108 Focusing on Aperture: When you understand how the Exposure Triangle works, it is time to learn how to use your aperture to control what is in focus in your image. Controlling “depth-of-field” allows you to put parts of your image out of focus to emphasize your main subject. With hands-on practice controlling aperture, you’ll become a master image maker!

WHBI-109 Stopping Action & Blur with Shutter Speed: Where aperture affects what’s in focus, shutter speed allows you to purposely blur an image to give the sense of motion or to speed it up to freeze action. You will practice changing your shutter speed to get these different results.

WHBI-141 Meet Your Flash: We’ll explore how to use your built-in flash, but spend most of this 2-hour block learning how to use an external flash positioned on your camera. You will learn how to use your external flash’s TTL (“through the lens”) metering mode.

WHBI-142 Bounce Back with On-Camera Flash: This block will introduce you to bouncing the flash from your on-camera, external flash to create dramatic shadows on your subject(s). We will bounce the flash off ceilings and walls, as well as reflectors.

WHBI-143 More Practice with Your Flash: In addition to more practice bouncing your flash when shooting, we will use a variety of flash modifiers. Continued practice with your external flash on your camera will help you feel totally comfortable using your flash at family gatherings, events, and even outside for impromptu portraits or group shots.

WHBI-151 Basics of Manual Flash: TTL is a valuable tool, but if you can control the distance between flash and subject, it is important to understand how to control your flash unit manually. Many inexpensive flashes only have a Manual mode, so knowing how to use Manual is essential. You can make very dramatic and exciting images using Manual flash with flash units as inexpensive as $38!

WHBI-152 Get the Flash Off the Camera: Ultimately, your goal will be to take your external flash off the camera. You can position the flash off-camera by attaching it to the stand that comes with flash units and putting it on a stool or table. A light stand to hold your off-camera flash is an even better alternative. We’ll spend time in this block getting your external flash to ‘talk to’ your camera when it is not attached to the camera.

WHBI-153 The Many Angles of One-Light Flash: With the flash off your camera, it is important to assess how the light from the flash falls on your subject. In this block, you will learn how to position your off-camera flash to achieve very different effects in your one-light flash images.

WHBI-161 Manual, Off-Camera Flash: This two-hour block combines elements fromBlocks 151 and 152 for folks interested in jumping right into using two off-camera flash units to create their images.

WHBI-162 Two Light Off-Camera Flash: You will learn how to use one light as a “key” - or main - light and another light as a “fill” light. You may use the fill light to simply fill in shadows or you may choose to use it as a hair light to highlight your subject’s hair and separate it from the background. You will work with a variety of setups using two lights to illuminate your subject and the scene.

WHBI-163 Working with Two, Three, & Four Flashes: This block provides you with more practice positioning your lights to get different effects in the scene. Adding a third light will give you even more control over the outcome of the shoot.


VIDEO BUNDLE WHBI-410 (6 hours)

HBI-401 Recording Video with Your Camera 1: Learn how to use the video feature of your camera or smartphone to create short but engaging videos.

WHBI-402 Recording Video with Your Camera 2: If you want to go beyond capturing quick videos with your camera or smartphone, this block will help you. By adding an external microphone to the mix, you can improve the audio quality of your video and, therefore, improve your video. We will also add artificial lighting to improve video production.

WHBI-405 Producing a Video: the Editing Process: Seldom is a completed video produced from one video clip recording. Rather, you typically have many short clips to combine to produce a finished video. For this, you need editing software. Adding a music track and adjusting audio quality of voice tracks, likewise, add to the quality of your finished video production.

“Class Bundles”

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6 Hours: $180.00 ($300 Value)
WHBI-201 Mastering Exposure Controls: 107 + 108 + 109
WHBI-211 On-Camera Flash: Using an External
Flash on Your Camera: 
141 + 142 + 143
WHBI-215 Off-Camera Flash: Using One
Flash Effectively: 
151 + 152 + 153

WHBI-410 Producing Video withYour Camera: 401 + 402 + 405

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