Over the past year, my approach to post-processing the images I capture has been in flux. It really all started when I began to subscribe to Rod Deutschmann’s (http://www.incameramagic.com/insights-blog/) philosophy Lightroom Mobileof “Get it Right in Camera!” and don’t spend time post-processing your images. Now, I still subscribe to that philosophy to some degree and I do strive to get my captures exposed as I like them when I press the shutter button, but I also sometimes do want to do some minor fixes or crops to some images. OK, but that isn’t the only reason my current photographic workflow is all screwed up. The other thing that has impacted how I deal with my captured images is my increasing dependency on in-camera wi-fi. Even when I decided to break my personal “only cameras with wi-fi” rule and purchased the Olympus PEN E-PL6, which does not have built-in wi-fi, I immediately put my Eye-Fi Mobi (wi-fi) card back into service with that camera. A somewhat related reason for my workflow going all haywire is the fact that I find myself shooting in Monotone (i.e., black and white) Mode all the time. Occasionally I will turn on RAW+JPG so I have an image file version that contains all the color info. I usually do that when I am shooting family events and I know most of my family will want color images, not B&W ones. On those rare occasions, I always offload the RAW files to my computer and import them into Adobe Lightroom. However, more often than not, even when I do turn on RAW+JPG just in case I “might” want a color version, I tend to transfer them to my iPad Mini 3 using wi-fi. I find I am generally quite happy and satisfied with my B&W versions and somehow don’t seem to get around to transferring the image files to my computer.

O.I ShareAs a result of this practice of only transferring images to my iPad or iPhone, I end up with a backlog of images in my Apple Photostream. This is where I am unsure about what I really want to do. Do I really need all those images I took of that flower in B&W? Do I really want to keep all the images I took of our granddaughters? I have addressed these questions in several ways. One is that I have, in fact, become brutal about deleting images. BAM! They’re gone! (But, often, they are still on the SD card in one of my cameras! So, They are still there to haunt me.) I will also usually add selected images of granddaughters or other images I decide I do want to keep to a Lightroom collection, using Lightroom Mobile. These images, then, automatically get transferred to my laptop and added to my Lightroom catalog. Once I do that, I delete them from my All Photos Photostream.

A third approach I find myself taking is transferring some images to folders on my 1TB WD MyPassport Wi-Fi hard drive. I always do this for the B&W images I feature as my black and white image a day captures. I upload those images to an album on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/billbooz/sets/72157651496338326), to my Facebook timeline (https://www.facebook.com/billbooz), and to my Instagram account (https://instagram.com/billbooz/). WD My Passport Wi-Fi Hard DriveHowever, I now notice that when I want to clean up my photo stream on my iPad or iPhone and get rid of images that have been there for a long time, I turn to my MyPassport drive more often than not. Then I delete the images from my mobile devices.

I know I have to get a handle on this and just decide on a strategy. But, wait, maybe I already have. Hmmm? It is, indeed, a strategy, but not a very discipline one!

Do you find yourself doing anything similar? Have you come up with a new way to address archiving your images? If so, please share your thoughts on any of the social media sites listed below.

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