(Adobe Premiere Elements 14 image from Adobe) I had simply been using iMovie 8 on my MacBook Pro to work with video, though earlier I had used and liked Apple’s Final Cut Express. I tried to install my old Final Cut Express program on my laptop which I had recently upgraded to El Capitan and it would not install. Not compatible any more. Bummer! FCE, for me, was a much more intuitive video editing program than iMovie 8. I considered purchasing iMovie version 10, but decided not to, as I thought there must be something better for what I wanted to do. Final Cut Pro at $299 was out of my price range and Adobe’s Premiere Pro requires subscribing to the full Adobe Creative Cloud service, which is also out of my price range.

Premiere Elements 14 Workspace showing multiple timelines for video and audio - screenshot from Steve Grisetti's lynda.com course.

Therefore, I decided to give Adobe’s Premiere Elements 14 a try. At the current price of $59, I felt it was affordable and, from my experience in using Photoshop Elements, I figured it would be a good and capable alternative to iMovie. I have not been disappointed in just the short time I've been working with it. After putting together some videos using Final Cut Express, I knew I wanted to be able to have multiple video track editing capabilities as well as multiple audio track capabilities. Premiere Elements 14 allows for this. The former makes it easy to add in "B-Roll" footage to illustrate something being mentioned in the main video footage (“A-Roll"). The latter allows you to mute audio recorded from, for example, the in-camera mic and use the better audio captured by an external recorder. It also lets you have a track with music that can be lowered or heightened as you wish.

Just as with the iCue prompting app, I will write more about my experiences using Premiere Elements 14 once I have used it to put together several videos. There are lots of tutorials for previous versions of Premiere Elements and I've found several for the newest version, 14. I'm sure more will pop up in the next few months.

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