Bottom bar is now complete with two holders for camera and other device plus a third that will allow for attaching the rig to a tripod. I am making progress in putting together a "kit" that will allow for better video recording with my iPhone. I almost have my DIY rig completed. I have made the attachment pieces using "T" joints along with bolts, nuts, and springs for the bottom of the PVC rig. I now need to figure out how to make the down-pointing "T" work to be able to attach the rig to a tripod if I ever want to do that. Then I need to add two attachment pieces to the top bar so I can add an LED light. The second attachment will give me another location for my Rode VideoMicro mic.

Screenshot from eBay page.

Another approach I found when searching for ideas for small video rigs for smartphones was using an L-Bracket. I found an assortment on eBay and ordered one. It came the other day and will work well to hold an iPhone 6+ (I used my wife's 6S+ to test it out) and the flash attachments at the top of the bracket will hold my Rode VideoMicro. This solution is certainly more compact than my DIY rig, but the DIY rig does allow for attaching a light, mic, and recorder if I want or need to do that.

L-Bracket StabilizerOne nice thing about the DIY rig is that I can easily attach my Olympus E-PL6 to the rig instead of the iPhone if decide to do that! The E-PL6 doesn't have a mic input, but I can attach my Tascam DR-40 audio recorder (as shown in the picture) and use my VideoMicro mic with it. The E-PL6 will record audio, but I can use that to sync up the externally recorded audio and replace the camera audio with that.

Have you put together a DIY rig yourself or used existing pieces of holding equipment to create a rig? Let us hear what you have done in comments on my Facebook or Google+ pages. (links below)

iPhone 6S+ attached to L-Bracket

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