Diffused clamp light on left and new one added to light up background. Just quick post to give an update to my lighting setup for recording video. I decided to try my second clamp light with a daylight-rated fluorescent bulb behind me to add more indirect light to the scene to brighten it up some. Levi Sim, photographer and friend, was kind enough to make some other suggestions to improve the light I'm getting with these clamp lights. I do very much appreciate feedback like that. I have taken Levi's suggestion and devised a diffuser for the clamp lights from some rip stop nylon I had from an earlier flash lighting DIY project. I clipped three large paper clamps on the rim of the clamp light. I then laid a piece of the rip stop nylon over the front of the clamp light and secured it to the large clips using smaller clips.

Piece of rip stop nylon attached to clamp light with office clips.

Without any diffusion to mute the light coming from the clamp light, the light on the subject (in this case, me) tends to be hard or harsh. Levi suggested that that might be one factor causing the bad shadows in my eyes as well.

New lighting setup reduces shadows and brightens the background.

After some experimentation with the positioning of my lights, I think I've made some progress toward improving the look. I also broke down and called my light stands into service to hold the one clamp light I'm using as a main light. Shadows around my eyes are not as bad as in previous setup and the whole scene is a bit brighter. What do you think?

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