I just did a post earlier today about how I used the HooToo TripMate Nano last week while we were on vacation to save images to an attached 16GB memory stick. I mentioned in that post how a second use for this little device is as a wi-fi router. Well, ironically, I had occasion today to need this little guy to help me out with our home network.

Background: we are having hardwood flooring laid in a guest room in our house. Therefore, I had to move everything out of this room, including our cable modem and wi-fi router. I reconnected these units to another active cable drop in another room, but I have been having issues connecting my laptop and some of our devices to our regular home network. Interestingly enough, a device would connect to our home network but just not return web pages or e-mails. Very strange, especially considering that the TripMate Nano reconnected to the home network with no problem.

Even stranger, however, was that if I connected my iPhone or iPad to the TripMate and then tried to access my e-mail or a web site, it worked! How strange! Well, turns out the guys didn't finish the job today so I can't put things back into the room. And that includes the cable modem and router. However, my wife and I like to watch streamed NetFlix movies or TV shows in the evening (we are working on being Cable Cutters!), but without dependable direct connectivity to our home wi-fi network that isn't going to be possible! Because of my earlier successful experience with my TripMate I thought it was worth a try with our AppleTV.

So I fired up our TV and clicked on the AppleTV remote to navigate to the Settings menu. Clicking my way down the options, I selected the option to change network connectivity and connected the AppleTV to my TripMate Nano. This, in turn, connected me through our home network and out to the Internet. OK, let' shiver this a spin. Well, darn, it worked! Not only were we able to stream two different shows from NetFlix through the AppleTV, but each of us were also connected to the TripMate from each of our iPads!