Cheetah Stand Light StandRecently I watched the 3-day CreativeLIVE workshop featuring Scott Robert Lim entitled "Crazy Stupid Light." It was a great workshop and CreativeLIVE continues to prove itself as the go-to service for incredible, free, online training! One of the in-studio "audience" members was Desiree Nguyen, a San Francisco photographer. I followed a link to her Facebook page and responded to a post she made about the workshop, asking about the great light stands Scott - and the participating "students" - used throughout the workshop activities. Desiree ( and was kind enough to let me know that, although Scott does sell his own branded flashes and other equipment, the stands were from Cheetah Stands out of Dallas, TX. ( What made these stands so attractive was the fact that their legs would collapse when picked up and expanded when set down on the floor. Very cool!! Plus, Desiree assured me after having held one with a light attached when serving as an in-class "lighting assistant," the stand with the legs collapsed was reasonably easy to hold in one's hand. OK, so this could almost serve as a very versatile "flash stick" (URL) AND stand up light stand. Awesome!

If you are looking for some great stands, I can definitely recommend these. They are more expensive than ones I have bought from Westcott (through B&H) for Cowboy Studios, but they are sturdy, well made, and the ability to move them easily is a real plus. And I have’t even used them yet! In the kit I bought for $259, I got two 8’ stands, two umbrellas, two umbrella holders for the stands, and a great case. Not bad, trust me! Oh, and the link to the CreativeLIVE workshop is Scott's web site can be found at

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