MagazinesOne of the best ways to both get ideas and for developing your own skills in photography in general and in using flash specifically is to look at other peoples’ work. Online photo sites provide you with an endless supply of lots of good and bad images, but probably one of the best sources for images in which flash was employed is magazines. I’m fortunate in having a wife and grown daughter who subscribe to a varied bunch of women’s magazines with lots of fashion and ad shots in them. When they are finished with them, I go through them and pull out the pages with images where I think that flash and flash-related tools (gels to add color, etc.) were used and then trim them to put into clear, notebook page holders. Magazine PicsThese collections, then, become a valuable resource for me and my students as we go through them and try to guess how the photographer of any given image got the results he or she got.

It’s fun, educational, and, essentially, free. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t get your creative juices flowing.

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