Several folks have asked me questions about what the interior compartments look like on the Lowepro Streamline Sling and just how big they are since I did a post about the bag several days ago ( I have taken pictures of the compartments empty (or almost empty) and with things in them to give you a better idea of what will fit in this bag. Lowepro also has some good shots of the bag: Gear Diary has a YouTube video on this bag as well: I realize, too, that though the suggested price for this bag is $49, I paid only $39 at BestBuy. Also, in taking these pictures, I discovered that there is a mesh pocket in the bag's main cavity on the back of the front pocket. Because of all I have in the bag now, it is really almost unusable, but I could probably get some cables in it without creating a bulge. I see, too, that one could remove the divider from the side camera compartment so you could put a micro 4/3 camera in it with a longer lens attached. Then, you could put all additional lenses you wish to carry inside the main cavity.

Hope these additional pictures are helpful. If you have any questions about the bag and how I am finding it, please don't hesitate to ask me questions on Google+ (, on Facebook (, or Twitter (