You can take your flash outside and use it to isolate plants, making pictures of them more dramatic than if you shot them in plain natural light. Captions tell the story. Click on images to view larger version. (Clicking on an image at larger size will cycle you to next

A sprig of rosemary with some directed flash on it can look interesting out of the context of the whole bush. Top image shows the shot of one rosemary branch illuminated by the $40 flash and the bottom left image shows the same branch with no flash. The tools I used for this one: the Olympus PEN E-PL3 camera with the Cowboy Studio radio trigger attached to its hot shoe, a beer cozy from the Dollar Store ($1.00) with bottom cut out to create a "snoot" to direct the light onto the subject, the $40 Neewer TT560 flash, and the Cowboy Studio radio trigger receiver. Bottom right image: hand-holding the snorted flash attached to radio trigger to illuminate the shot.