I have lots of camera and smartphone holders as well as several tripods. But the handiest one I own is the HandlePod! It's small, easy to use, and can hold a smartphone or small, compact camera as well as a full-sized dSLR! Plus, it's a very flexible device and can be used in lots of different situations. The HandlePod is not tiny, but it is a size that won't take up much space in your bag either. 

I learned about the HandlePod four years ago from a blogpost by Heather Broster on her and her partner’s website. That post contains great examples of how Heather and Matthieu have used the HanlePod. The beauty of the HandlePod is how you can attach it securely to such a variety of surfaces or use it handheld. If the camera you're attaching isn't too big - think small mirrorless or smartphone in holder - you can even use it free-standing on a flat surface.

One use I recently discovered when using my iPhone 7 Plus attached to my MoVo holder with a 1/4-20 attachment point on the back of the stand is as a stand for my iPhone on the dash of my car! Unsecured, the HandlePod remained stable because of its rubberized feet and the rough surface of the dash! Set up this way I can do selfie videos while driving - which I'm not really into usually - or easily view my iphone’s Maps app as a GPS guide. And recently as squirrels were feasting at our newly erected bird feeder, I attached my Olympus OM-D E-M5 II to the HandlePod and secured it, first, to our deck railing and then to a nearby tree. I then used the camera’s wifi feature and used my iPhone to view what the camera was seeing from inside the house.

This little holder has, I'm sure, uses I haven't even discovered yet!