It's been over three months since I've written a blog post here. Why? For the same reason I discussed in my September 26, 2017, post entitled "Video Has Consumed Me. Still Room for Blogging?" And that nets it out: video continues to consume me. It's fun. It's the future. It's easy once you get the hang of recording yourself and getting comfortable talking to the camera. But does that mean that that's the only way I should share what I know, things I want to talk about that may help others interested in making videos or improving their still photography? Well, simply put, "No!"

Since this is all still basically a "hobby" for me, it is difficult sometimes to carve out time to do both blogging, making a variety of videos, pursue my hobby of photography, do one-on-one photography tutoring, and also live my retired life with my wife of fifty years! However, I think I've come up with a compromise.

Mostly what I want to share currently is related to making videos so that it one of my excuses for doing just that, but only through videos I produce. My new idea, however, is to take the scripts I write for myself for - especially - my Photography & Technology Tools series and turn them into blog posts. So, beginning this week, I plan to go back to Photography & Technology Tools scripts for episodes I have produced over the past year and and make blog posts out of them. This means you should begin seeing, at least, weekly posts here on my blog.

I'm active on Facebook and YouTube, so if you have questions, please leave comments. Or, alternatively, you can go to my Contact page here and send me your questions. Thanks for following me here and on my YouTube channel!