OK, I’m finished! Since January 1st, I’ve tried to get my arms around this 52-week project idea and it is just not working for me. Somehow it is not motivating me to make images, even with some of the good theme selections I had made. I find I just prefer the image-a-day routine that really kept me motivated. Therefore as of today, I am no longer pursuing that idea and am switching to what now amounts to a “304-Day Photo Project,” as counting today, there are 304 days left in 2017!

If I am perfectly honest, I can’t blame it all on the format, that is, “52 Weeks.” Part of the blame falls to what I have been doing in the past month. And that is that I have really been focusing on producing new videos for my YouTube channel. My mind has been on coming up with content and, more recently since we have had some unusually warm weather here on East Coast of the USA (I write as I see snow flakes falling outside my window today!), getting outside and recording episodes! However, I am glad I tried it. I’m glad to know that my style of photography seems to work better when I am looking for images that I can use to post different images daily. So, I will use some of the themes I chose for the planned 52-Week Project (Through the Rain, General Blur, Reflections, Self-Portraits, Front Doors, Many Views of an Old Building, etc,) and I will use different lenses more - this will be a good reason to pull out my new Rokinon 7.5mm lens - and continue to experiment with HDR and black and white.

It’s all good and if I have learned anything from doing these projects over the past few years, it is that one has to remain pragmatic and flexible! With the 52-week project, I usually planned to dedicate a day to capture the images for that week, but I just didn’t do it. Now, I’ll be back to carrying one of my OM-D cameras with me all the time.