Simple reflection of table lamp in door windows.

Week three of this project was rather lackluster as last week's was. I believe I need to pick the themes I select for a week with a bit more thought to what I'll be doing. I haven't gotten out much over these first few weeks of 2017, so I'm not encountering subjects that really show off the themes I've selected. The first week worked since it was aimed at only one book. However, the theme of Clock Faces would have been better had I gotten out and explored clocks around my hometown instead of just in our house.

Watching ourselves in the TV screen.

This past week's theme, Reflections, would also have been better had I gotten a variety of reflections in the outside world. The few I've chosen from the several I took are all from in our house. Though they are interesting to me, they will hold, I suspect, very little interest for others. I do these projects for myself, not to please others, however, it is nonetheless nice when an image you make which you like appeals to others.

Compound reflections.

Because of my results with the themes for weeks two and three, I do plan to use those themes again later in the year. And I'm giving more thought to my theme choices based on what we have planned for the week. Will I have opportunities to capture a variety of images around my chosen theme? If not, I'll push it ahead and select an alternative theme that I will be able to use given what we will be doing.

Have already started on images for Week 4 and since I was outside the house on a short trip, it's already better with many images to choose from!