[LensBaby Image]

I was a winner! The Out of Chicago folks held a raffle this year and the best deal was to buy a double arms length of tickets for $20. So, that's what I did. It was a clever approach. They had dozens of items and each had a little bucket beside it into which you put your ticket stubs. That is, you pick which items you want to try for. Well, two arms length of tickets is about 35 tickets and I wasn't really understanding how the raffle worked. I split up my tickets and put some in each bucket. Well, low and behold, when I checked the board and my tickets, it turned out I had won the LensBaby Composer Pro with Sweet 50 Optic, 50mm f/2.5! 

It just so happened that for the next Photowalk I was going on the LensBaby rep was loaning out LensBaby lenses for us to try. So I got one, since the one I won would have to be shipped to me from Hunt's Photo. I am glad I did, because over the course of next two hours I got a chance to use a LensBaby on my E-M1. It was an 80mm model not the 50mm I had won. At a 2x crop factor, that means a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 160mm. That's not an ideal focal length for street shooting, but ignoring that, I found I really didn't fall in love with the LensBaby. For me it just didn't click and I decided it wasn't my thing. So, I decided to change the mount I had ordered (micro4/3) to Canon and sell the LensBaby when I receive it.

[Olympus Image]

Given that I was going to sell my brand new LensBaby, which retails for $299.95, for $270, I decided to order the new Olympus Tough TG-Tracker, which retails for $349, and Hunt's Photo discounted to $319 as a conference price. So, now I wait for delivery of both of these items. I look forward to a quick sale of the LensBaby and to begin experimenting with my new TG-Tracker. The Tracker is Olympus' latest iteration of its Tough line of cameras and one that is classed as an action camera. More on that when I finally get mine and get to experiment with it.

(Note: I will be selling the Canon mount LensBaby through Amazon Fulfillment unless I am able to find someone interested in buying it directly from me! If interested, please contact me!

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