Whoa! It has been almost two months since I last made a video for my YouTube channel! Just as everyone says, starting a channel is the easy part, but keeping up the momentum and continuing to produce videos for your channel is the hard part. So true. Life does have a way of getting in the way, unfortunately. However, I am as dedicated to producing videos for my planned series as I was in the beginning. I guess it was easier when the weather was cold and dreary earlier in the spring, because staying in the house was the thing to do. And, if I was going to be in the house, I might as well go to the basement and record a video. Right? Right! Then the real spring came with warmer weather and many things to do in the yard. Trips to take. Celebrations to attend.

Well, that has slowed down some now and I plan to get back on it! My one-on-one tutoring is picking back up and I do want to have my own videos to which to send my students after a session. So, my focus will initially be on building out some content for my Learning Photography series on YouTube. Our granddaughters are out of school, so I need to see if I can press one or both of them into ‘videographer’ service to film me out in the yard putting into practice what I typically teach in my initial tutoring sessions. And, of course, I always have material for the Photography & Technology Tools series, but I just need to get to it, don’t I? I will probably let my Chats with Bill series rest for now, as that is a good one for the winter I’m thinking. I do, however, want to get back to recording at least a weekly edition of Bill’s Video Updates to chat with interested viewers abut my thought processes as I created these videos and as I work on improving my own photography skills.

So, after I get through a few deadlines I have this week, it’s back to the drawing board and the studio to get cracking. Please stay tuned!

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