I love wrist straps over shoulder straps for my cameras. Though I bought into the BosStrap system - and like it! - I started using my old SunPak wrist strap on my Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera because it is a bit more beefy than the BosStrap “tail” that goes over your wrist. In fact, my E-M1 had both the BosStrap “tail” and the SunPak wrist strap. All good. However, one problem with the camera bottom connector with the SunPak was the fact that it obstructed the tilting of the LCD screen. I would have to loosen the connector enough to swing it out so the LCD would tilt from the bottom. As a result, I didn’t use the tilt capability of my LCD screen much at all. However, I have wanted to more and more, so I decided to look for alternatives.

Middle image shows upside down camera with LCD tilting out unencumbered by the bottom connector. 

Most of the Peak Design products seem a bit over the top to me - I had the holster unit, but never used it so I sold it - but their Clutch Camera Strap caught my eye. The Clutch looks pretty normal and the attaching piece for the bottom of the camera is smaller so I figured it was worth a try. Got it today and am very happy with it! With the bottom attachment screwed into the tripod mount, the LCD screen tilts without a problem. In addition, the attachment is compatible with ARCA-type tripod heads so it will fit on my tripods no problem!

Peak Design Clutch attachment fits nicely into my MeFoto tripod head. 

So, another satisfying purchase that improves the versatility of my camera.