Why keep equipment you're not using? Right? Thinking about buying something new always makes me consider what I have that I can sell to help pay for a new purchase. And so it is with my lenses and bags. Maybe I can even make enough money from the sale of those items I don’t use or rarely use so I can keep my trusty ole Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera. Hmmm? Now that’s interesting.


So just what do I find myself not using much? In the bag category, I find I prefer my Vanquest SKITCH-12 bag more than the Think Tank Retrospective 30 bag I bought back in February. The Retrospective is a nice bag and quite durable, but I find I use the SKITCH-12 more when traveling. That can go. Though I am currently using my Lowepro Streamline 250 more than the Lowepro Passport Sling bag, I still like the Passport Sling and think I’ll keep it. In the lens category, I’m a bit torn. I don’t use my 45mm, f/1.8, 60mm, f/2.8 or my 75-300mm lenses much at all so they are candidates. I only got the 45mm recently, but find I just never seem to pull it out. Likewise with the 60mm. Though a macro lens, I find I am not really doing much macro shooting. Never have. What macro I do shoot, I’m happy with what I can get with some of my other, standard lenses. OK, selling those two could add to my available cash, but I’m reluctant to get rid of the 75-300mm lens. At a 2x crop factor, that gives me a lens that will reach 150-600mm and though I rarely use it, I like knowing I have it.

Going up for sale: Olympus 60mm, f/2.8

Olympus Tough TG-Tracker - Sell or Keep?

So, what else can I get rid of? Well, I got the new Olympus Tough TG-Tracker action camera back in the summer and it is kind of fun, but, like the items above, I am not really using it much. It is waterproof, so that is handy should I find myself in a rainstorm or under water. It captures a very wide field of view (161º to 204º). It retails for $349, so if I sold it at a small loss, I would have some more cash in my bank account. However, I fully expect to sell my E-M1 - I really don’t think I need three somewhat similar camera bodies! - but the TG-Tracker is unique, so it is probably prudent to hang onto it for now.

That’s about it for things to sell, but if I just sold the 60mm lens and the Retrospective 30 bag that could bring me close to $420 extra cash. That’s a start. If I sold the 45mm lens and the TG-Tracker, I'd be close to the price of a brand new E-M5 II! However, since I've found someone selling his E-M5 II at a great price (he has ordered the new E-M1 II!), just selling the one lens and a bag gets me close to his price and I can hang onto the 45mm and the TG-Tracker a while longer to see if I start using them. All good problems to have, for sure!