The area in Germany where my trip is concentrated.

My primary reason for going to Germany is to visit my sister-in-law and her two grown sons, my nephews. In addition, I will spend a few days in Regensburg with one of their cousins, whom I first met back in 1961 when she was just a baby. My flight is a direct one from Washington Dulles to Munich. I am renting a little car for the duration of my trip and will head immediately for Regensburg on Tuesday after I pick it up. I then head north to Amberg where my sister-in-law lives. After a few days with her, I’m off for the weekend for Bayreuth. The elder nephew lives there with his wife and two youngest daughters. Their oldest daughter and son are off at university. In fact, on Monday, October 17, I may head further north to Erfurt to visit my grand-niece. On my way back south, I will stop in Coburg to visit her brother.

My general travel plans going counter clockwise from the Munich Airport in the south.

Then I’m off for a couple days of exploring on my own. I have no concrete destination, but will head in the direction of Bamberg and Crailsheim before turning east toward Nürnberg. My other nephew and his wife live near Roth, south of Nürnberg. They have some things going on, so I will stay with them for several days, through the weekend. On Monday the 24th, I will head out on my own again as I work my way south to the Munich airport for a Tuesday afternoon departure home.